Rochester Catholic Men’s Conference 2020


Called to Holiness


In all of the craziness and business of these past few months, having given great and necessary emphasis to prayer efforts, strategic planning and a parish retreat, I have forgotten to make mention of the Exult Rochester Catholic Men’s Conference.  The conference will happen in a more abbreviated and, of course, virtual format this Saturday morning from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

With the theme of Called to Holiness, it will feature a rosary to begin the day, followed by Mass celebrated by Bishop Matano, and then two talks, one by Troy Guy and the other by Dr. David Anders.  Troy is a convert to the Catholic faith and has authored a book, Evangelical Catholic. He is an engineer and currently works on spacecraft design.  Dr. David Anders is also a convert to the faith after being in a Protestant seminary studying Reformation History.  He came into the Church in 2003 and now hosts a national call-in show on Catholic Radio.

Because of the limitations to a virtual conference, the conference team decided not to charge.  Donations are welcome.

Men of the parish, please sign-up and benefit from this special event.