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Edna Travels With Robert To Church At What Location? (Solution)

Edna feels suffocated and sleepy once she enters the chapel. She is escorted out of the church by Robert during the service. He transports her to the home of his friend Tonie, where Tonie’s mother, Madame Antoine, accommodates Edna in the guest room.

Where do Edna and Robert go?

When Robert realizes the depth of his feelings for Edna, he chooses to travel to Mexico because he cannot handle the thought of being anywhere near her and knowing that he may never be able to act on his feelings.

Where does Edna invite Robert?

Edna tells him that she doesn’t accept his explanation, and she decides that she will not wait any longer for Mademoiselle Reisz to come back to her. Robert brings Edna back to her house, and she extends an invitation to him to join her for supper at the pigeon house. She delights at the realization that her dreams are now becoming a reality.

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Where do Robert and Edna go in Chapter 12?

Robert had a conversation with Mariequita, a Spanish girl with whom he is pals (and with whom he had perhaps been romantically entangled). Edna accepts his invitation to visit Grand Terre, a picturesque island nearby, on the condition that it is a joke.

Where do Robert and Edna spend the day together?

Despite the fact that she and Robert don’t say anything to one another, Edna feels “the first-felt throbbings of passion” in the silence. Edna and Robert, despite their developing desire for one another, are unable to relax and speak frankly until they have left the clutches of society and tradition, as the day that Edna and Robert spend together demonstrates.

What happens to Edna at the church?

Edna feels suffocated and sleepy once she enters the chapel. She is escorted out of the church by Robert during the service. He transports her to the home of his friend Tonie, where Tonie’s mother, Madame Antoine, accommodates Edna in the guest room. Edna sleeps for a few hours, until the late afternoon, before waking up.

Where does Edna move to in the awakening?

Edna’s relocation to the “pigeon home” also provides her with the opportunity to break out from her husband’s possessive grasp over her. Edna is no longer required to gaze at the worldly possessions that Léonce has acquired and which serve as constant reminders of his ownership over her.

Where does Edna first meet Robert?

Robert attends his mother’s dinner party and dances with Edna after the meal is finished. Robert follows her out onto the porch and inside the house. Edna is asked whether she would want to hear Mademoiselle Reisz perform on the piano by Robert. Edward receives an affirmative response from Edna, and Robert immediately goes in pursuit of Mademoiselle Reisz.

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Does Edna get with Robert?

When Robert returns, Edna and Robert are finally able to confess their feelings for one another. However, their euphoria is short-lived when they learn that they have conflicting goals: Robert wants marriage, while Edna wants independence.

Do Edna and Robert sleep together?

Edna finally gets out of the hammock and enters the house after a long period of time. Edna dispatches Robert, and the two of them embark on a boat to Cheniere together. Afloat on the water, she and Robert discuss their plans for the following day and the following day after that, among other things. She sleeps for an extended period of time.

What happens in Chapter 12 explain Edna and Robert?

Written by Kate Chopin Edna wakes up in the morning after having troubling nightmares and walks outdoors to get some fresh air. She quickly dispatches the young girl who works for Madame Lebrun to locate Robert and recommends that they take a boat to the Cheniere to meet up with him. Robert is overjoyed that she has asked him to be in attendance. They have breakfast before making their way to the docks.

What is an example of Edna’s awakening that you see in Chapter 13?

In the kitchen, Edna discovers a modest dinner prepared for her when she wakes up. As she comes out to the front door, where Robert has been waiting for her, they make the jest that she must have slept for a century. Edna and Robert have a supper together and then relax until Madame Antoine arrives later in the evening. She entertains them with a variety of amazing tales.

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Why do Edna and Robert go to the island of Cheniere?

Edna traveled to Cheniere Caminada to attend church, but she and Robert left the service in the middle of the service. Because Edna needed some time alone with Robert, she decided to skip a group activity she was participating in. She falls asleep at Madame Antoine’s cottage and wakes up feeling refreshed and with a new sense of self-consciousness.

What chapter does Edna leave Grand?

In summary, Chapter XIX is about In the event that Edna does suffer from a mental illness, Léonce occasionally leaves her alone so that she can paint and sing Robert’s song to herself while dreaming about the sea and Grand Isle.

Who performs just for Edna at the Saturday night party on Grand Isle?

In the evening of a Saturday night, after supper, the tourists are treated to an impromptu children’s musical performance, while the adults dance to the sounds of Madame Ratignolle’s piano. Robert informs Edna that Mademoiselle Reisz will perform a piece at Edna’s request, which she enthusiastically accepts.

What realization are Robert and Edna arriving at on the porch of Edna’s cottage after the midnight swim?

Robert and Edna come to some kind of revelation on the porch of Edna’s cottage after their midnight swim. Their feelings for one other are getting more intense as time passes.

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