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What Church Does Phil Wickham Go To?

Whenever he isn’t on the road, Wickham can be found working as a part-time staff member at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., where he leads worship and writes music for the congregation.

Where did Phil Wickham live?

Pat Barrett is a worship leader at Grace Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia, and is best known as one of the major singer/songwriters for the band Housefires.

How old is the singer Tobymac?

Phil Wickham, a worship leader and songwriter, has been spending time at home recording some of his favorite praise songs during this period of national lockdown. He has published a cover of Bethel Music’s hymn “Raise a Hallelujah,” which he wrote himself.

Where is Housefires worship from?

Housefires is a praise band from Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in contemporary Christian music. Since forming in 2014, they’ve published five live albums, which you can check out below.

Who is Brandon lakes wife?

His tenth wedding anniversary gift to his wife, Brittany Lake, was a five-song EP named Almond Eyes, which he published on digital platforms on February 6, 2021, and was intended as a surprise for her.

How much does Michael W Smith make?

Michael W. Smith’s net worth is $14 million. He is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who has amassed a fortune in the music industry. Michael W. (Michael W.)

What is Chris Tomlin salary?

Chris Tomlin’s net worth is $2 million dollars. Chris Tomlin is an American contemporary Christian music musician and worship leader who has amassed a fortune of $2 million dollars throughout his career.

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