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What Injuries Did Johnny Sustain At The Church? (Correct answer)

What exactly were the injuries that Johnny sustained in the church? Following the event at the church, it was determined that Johnny was in serious condition with third-degree burns, a fractured back, and a great deal of discomfort.

What injuries does Johnny sustain from the events at the church?

What exactly were the injuries that Johnny sustained in the church? Because of his injured back, Johnny has lost all sensation below his waistline. He is suffering from shock and third-degree burns at this time.

What were Johnny’s injuries?

What exactly are Johnny’s wounds? Johnny’s back was broken, and he is in shock, as well as suffering from third-degree burns on his arms and legs.

What falls on Johnny in the church?

Johnny and Ponyboy provide a hand in rescuing several youngsters from a raging fire at a church. When they attempt to escape, a piece of lumber falls on top of Johnny, causing him to suffer a broken back.

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How was Johnny injured in the fire?

Johnny, on the other hand, is in critical condition after being struck by a piece of flaming lumber as it dropped and perhaps breaking his spine. Ponyboy is asked sarcastically whether he and Johnny are professional heroes by the stranger. Ponyboy informs him that he and his friends are juvenile delinquents.

What injuries did Johnny sustain in the fire?

serious burns and a shattered back are the result. Dally appeared with Johnny, who was suffering from an injured arm and burns.

What was Johnny wearing when he killed Bob?

‘Johnny, who had always been the most law-abiding of the group, suddenly carried a six-inch switchblade in his back pocket. It was also something he’d employ in the event of another leap.’ S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders depicted the tension between two opposing gangs, the Socs and the Greasers, as it grew more intense with each new chapter.

Why is Johnny being injured worse than anyone else being injured?

Why would being disabled be more detrimental to Johnny than it would be to someone else? He doesn’t have somebody to look after him at the moment. Because his parents don’t care for him, he would be forced to live with them.

What was Ponyboy’s sickness at the church?

Ponyboy became ill while hiding away in the chapel, and it is unclear what caused this. It was chilly and dirty outside. He became ill as a result of consuming too much baloney. He smoked a lot more than he should have.

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What condition was Johnny in at the start of Chapter 7?

Johnny is in severe condition; his back has been shattered, and he has third-degree burns on his face and hands. He will be unable to walk for the rest of his life if he survives the accident. The knowledge that, if he survives, he would be forced to live with his parents in their home, which he despises, for the rest of his life is too much for the brothers to handle.

Why does pony get sick on the fifth day at the church?

Reading Gone with the Wind, as well as a game of poker They ate a lot of baloney. Pony becomes ill on the sixth day of his attendance at the church. He smokes excessively, and he is so sick of baloney that just looking at it makes him feel nauseous.

Why does Johnny act so violently to the SOCS?

What is it about the Socs that causes Johnny to respond so violently? Johnny reacts in such a brutal manner to the Socs because they were choking Pony and because he noticed the rings on the Socs’s finger.

Does ponyboy try to quit smoking?

Ponyboy doesn’t make any serious attempts to quit smoking. According to Ponyboy, the terms tough and rough are interchangeable.

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