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What Is New Life Church? (Solution found)

New Life Church – Until the Whole World Knows

  • New Life Church is a missional church with many locations in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia that is multi-ethnic and multi-site. It is our purpose in life to serve Jesus Christ, our communities, and the world.

What does New Life Church believe in?

New Life Church is devoted to serving people of all ages and stages of life, from teaching toddlers about the Bible to helping single people find community to conducting talks about God’s faithfulness with grandparents.

What kind of religion is New Life Church?

It is the mission of New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCF) to minister to the people of the Virginia Tech and New River Valley regions. NLCF is an evangelical Christian church in Blacksburg, Virginia.

What does the Word of Life Church believe?

Beliefs. It is stated in the organization’s mission statement that Word of Life believes in biblical inerrancy, scriptural authority, Christ’s Deity, His bodily Resurrection, the triunity of God, the absolute depravity of mankind, and redemption by grace alone through trust in Christ.

Are New Life churches evangelical?

The Association of Life-Giving Churches was established under the leadership of Haggard and New Life Church. The National Association of Evangelicals in the United States has recognized it as a religious organization.

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What denomination is Faith Life Church?

A little more than two-thirds of the 2,500 seats at Faith Life Church were full, which was a similar attendance to the services at its 10-year-old flagship megachurch in Branson, Missouri. The church, which is nondenominational, is unusual in the area because it preaches the prosperity gospel doctrine, which is not preached anywhere else.

What are the values of Life Church?


  • WE ARE FAITHFUL TO GOD. Acts 4:13 New International Version We CARE ABOUT PEOPLE.
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