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When Did The Catholic Church Allow The Bible To Be Translated? (Solution found)

From AD 382-420, a new translation into the Latin vernacular, known as the Vulgate, was completed, and it eventually became the standard translation for Western Christianity during the 7th and 8th centuries. From from the 9th century onward, it was widely accepted as the only legitimate Bible translation.

When did the Catholic Church translated the Bible?

It was Pope Clement VIII who released the so-called Clementine Vulgate in 1592, which eventually became the definitive bible text of the Roman Catholic Church. Translation of the Confraternity Version, which was completed in 1941, came from this source. Modern times have seen the publication of a number of critical editions.

Did the Catholic Church translated the Bible?

First and foremost, the Catholic Church has never been antagonistic to the use of vernacular Bible translations in its teachings. While Pope St. Damasus I (Pope 366-384) commissioned St. Jerome’s Latin Bible, known as the Vulgate, which has remained the traditional text, a slew of vernacular translations of the Scriptures have come into circulation throughout the centuries.

When did the Catholic Church accept the New Testament?

By the 5th century, both the Western and Eastern churches had reached consensus on the canon of the New Testament, which was a significant step forward. As a result of the Protestant Reformation, the Council of Trent, which took place in 1546, reaffirmed that finalization for Catholicism.

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Did the Catholic Church forbid Bible reading?

There were several different versions of the Bible included in the Catholic Church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Prohibited Books Index). When religious lay people were prohibited from holding or using Bibles, the majority of the time it was because they were using vernacular Bible versions. It was never banned for clerics to have a copy of the Vulgate Bible translation, which was written in Latin.

Which Bible is the Catholic Bible?

What is the Bible of the Roman Catholic Church? The New American Bible is the Bible used by Catholics.

When was the Catholic Church founded?

Because the Catholic Bible has the original form of the Holy book, as opposed to the King James Bible, which comprises 46 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament, there is a distinction between the two versions. The King James Version of the Bible is an English translation of the Bible that was first published in 1611.

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