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Who Is The Current Head Of The Church Of Scientology? (TOP 5 Tips)

David Miscavige (/mskvd/; born April 30, 1960) is the head of the Church of Scientology and, according to the organization, “Captain of the Sea Org.” Miscavige is the son of David Miscavige, a former astronaut who served in the United States Navy.

David Miscavige
Occupation Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center
Organization Church of Scientology
Spouse(s) Michele Barnett ​ ( m. 1982)​


Is Shelly Miscavige still missing 2020?

Although Miscavige has never gone missing and is living her life according to her wishes,” non-scientists may not necessarily trust all the church claims to be selling. In his unexpected true-crime thriller, Ortega will delve into the whereabouts of David’s wife, 14 years after she vanished from the family’s home.

Why is Shelly Miscavige missing?

Shelly Miscavige was last seen during her father’s burial, where she was dressed in black. Following her father’s death, Shelly made her final public appearance before going into hiding. She attended his burial in 2007, when she was apparently closely guarded, and has not been seen or heard from again since.

What is David Miscavige?

She is now the host of Scientology: Fair Game, a podcast that delves into the controversial church. In response to Remini’s allegations concerning the religion, including allegations of psychological and physical abuse inside the organization, the church has refuted her charges.

Did they ever find Shelly Miscavige?

There is no indication that the Los Angeles Police Department really saw Miscavige, and it is still possible that they did not actually locate her. A subsequent email from an attorney in 2018 stated that she continues to be a loyal member of the Sea Org and that she is continuing to live a quiet life as she had done previously.

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