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Why Did Jesus Found The Church? (Correct answer)

He picked twelve individuals to be His Apostles, among them were Peter, James, and John, among others. He instructed them and invested them with priesthood power, allowing them to teach in His name and execute holy ordinances, including as baptism, for others. Jesus Christ established His Church: Following His death and Resurrection, He continued to lead the Apostles by revelation in order to establish His Church.

  • Jesus did not come into the world in order to build a church, and he did not instruct his disciples on how to establish church organizations. His objective was to declare the creation of the Kingdom of God in the hearts of humanity, as well as to liberate humans from the bonds of authority placed upon them by religious institutions.

Why was the church founded?

As a result of Jesus of Nazareth’s teachings and subsequent gathering of disciples, a Christian church was established in Roman Judea in the first century AD/CE, and it has been in existence ever since. Following the death of Jesus, his disciples became known as “Christians,” and according to Scripture, Jesus instructed them to share his teachings with people all over the world.

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What did Jesus say was the mission of the church?

Matthew’s church has the purpose of making disciples. Disciples are people who have been called to follow Jesus and have met God’s rule in Jesus’ words and acts, and who are willing to bear testimony to God’s presence in their lives, according to the spirit of v. 19. (Carter: 552).

Did Jesus start a church?

Origins. According to Catholic belief, Jesus Christ was the one who established the Catholic Church. A record of Jesus’ teaching and actions is preserved in the New Testament, as is his selection of twelve Apostles and his instructions to them for the continuation of his mission.

How is Jesus related to the church?

In Christianity, Jesus is referred to as the Son of God, and in many major Christian denominations, he is referred to as God the Son, the second Person in the Triune Godhead. According to Christian tradition, he is the Jewish messiah (Christ) who was predicted in the Hebrew Bible, which is known as the Old Testament in the Jewish faith.

What is the main purpose of the church?

Warren proposes that these goals are worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission, and that they are drawn from the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37–40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20), as well as from the Bible’s own teaching on these topics. According to Warren, every church is motivated by a certain cause.

What is Gods purpose for the church?

God’s declared purpose for his church is holiness, according to Scripture. To put it another way, the church exists in order to be holy. The fundamental meaning of the word holy is distinct. The meanings of purity and perfection are included in the variety of meanings.

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What is the purpose and mission of the church?

As followers of Christ, our job is to make disciples who will in turn make other disciples, and so on. A means for followers of Jesus to work together as one body, with Jesus as its head, in order to achieve this goal is through the institution of the church. When it is at its finest, the oneness in Christ that we experience in the church can even provide a glimpse of the beauty that will be shown in Revelation 7.

Why is Jesus important in the church?

Our trust in Jesus is crucial to us because, through His Atonement and teachings, as well as His hope, peace, and example, He aids us in making changes in our lives, overcoming hardships, and moving ahead with confidence on our path back to Him and His Father.

Why did Jesus make Peter the head of his church?

What was the reason for Jesus appointing Peter as the leader of the Church? Jesus was about to depart the globe, and he desired to appoint a leader to serve as his representative on the planet. They regarded him as the leader of all the apostles and treated him in the same manner as they had treated Jesus.

What did Jesus say about going to church?

Going to church was something that Jesus did on a regular basis, as was his routine. For example, according to the Message Bible, “like he always did on Sabbath, he went to the gathering place.” It is reasonable to assume that, if Jesus made it a point to gather with other believers, we, his followers, should do the same. Keep in mind that churches are not without flaws while you seek.

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