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Why Is The Church Called Eleven22? (Solved)

The Congregation of Eleven22 was established as a non-denominational church by Beach United in 2012. Eleven22 is an abbreviation for Mark 11:22, which appears in the New Testament book of the Bible. According to the church, it was created in 2012. It inaugurated its main campus and worship facility at 14286 Beach Blvd., which was formerly occupied by a Walmart, in September 2012.

  • The meeting was initially called after the hour of a service at another church, which was 11:22 a.m. Once the church was established on its own, the name Eleven22 was retained, however it is now associated with the verse in Mark 11:22 that says, “Have trust in God.”
  • It is a place of genuine Bible instruction and fervent worship that is devoid of pretension.

What is church Eleven22?

The Church of Eleven22: A Brief Introduction This is a movement that encourages individuals of all backgrounds to discover and strengthen a personal connection with Jesus Christ. We are a group of people who want to see God glorified via submitting to Jesus, creating disciples who make disciples, and impacting our communities.

Who owns church Eleven22?

Founded by Pastor Joby Martin, Eleven22 is a multi-site church with numerous worship facilities in the Jacksonville, FL region as well as live, online worship through its sister church, Eleven22 Online. Every week, as a faith family, we come together for worship and the reading of the Word, with Eleven22 Kids and Eleven22 Students also gathering in person and through the internet.

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When was Eleven22 founded?

Eleven22 Worship is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and was founded in 2010 by four members: Ben Williams, Jonathan Berlin, Gretchen Martin, and Maria Dunlap, all of whom were members of Beach United Methodist Church at the time of its formation.

How big is the Church of Eleven22?

The former Food Lion grocery store, which closed in 2012, has 38,463 square feet of available space. The Church of Eleven22 proposes to open a campus in North Jacksonville at 418 Starratt Road, which will be part of the Oceanway Crossing commercial area.

Who is Joby Martin?

Joby Martin is the founder and senior pastor of The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, Florida, where he serves as the church’s head pastor. Through an amazing act of God, Pastor Joby and a team of leaders were able to start The Church of Eleven22 from the beachfront campus of Beach Church in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, in the summer of 2012.

How many campuses does Eleven 22 have?

It has seven campuses, according to the website, which are located in San Pablo, Arlington, Baymeadows, Fleming Island, Mandarin, as well as in Baker and Union Correctional Institutions.

What does Pastor Joby arm tattoo say?

It has seven campuses, according to the website, which are located in San Pablo, Arlington, Baymeadows, Fleming Island, Mandarin, as well as the Baker and Union Correctional Institutions in California.

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