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How To Change My Virtus Training To Different Diocese? (Question)

The Archdiocese of Chicago has requested that I transfer my virtus account to them.

  • If you have already completed this course with another diocese, please contact VIRTUS at 888-847-8870 to permit them to transfer your account to the Archdiocese of Chicago (Archdiocese of Chicago). Please keep in mind that online trainings for Virtus Protecting God’s Children for Adults do not fulfill the requirements of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Does VIRTUS training expire?

Approximately how long is the validity of my VIRTUS certificate? It is valid for a period of four years from the date of issue. It is your job to keep track of when it is going to expire.

How long does online VIRTUS training take?

Register online at by clicking on the yellow word “register” situated on the left-hand side of the website on the left-hand navigation bar. Then choose Miami as the location, and you’ll be presented with a list of sessions that are available. Select a session and follow the on-screen instructions. The duration of a Virtus training session is typically three hours.

Can VIRTUS training be done online?

To register, you should go to (see above). (This includes the opportunity of taking the Virtus Refresher Class online, if and when this becomes available). All of the future Virtus® Classes in our region may be found by clicking on the link above. It will also provide you with the phone number you need to call in order to register for the class.

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How do I print my VIRTUS certificate?

How to Print a VIRTUS Certificate: Steps to Follow

  1. Visit to get started. Select the “My Training” tab from the drop-down menu. Choose “Live Training” from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. Select “Print Certificate” from the drop-down menu.

What does Virtus stand for?

A: Virtus is a Latin phrase that means “virtue.” It was regarded as a particular virtue in ancient Rome. This word brings with it the ideas of heroism, quality, courage, character, and value.

What happens Virtus training?

Educating teachers, parents, and other people who have contact with children about sexual abuse and providing them with knowledge to assist avoid abuse are the primary goals of VIRTUS. This takes occur in ‘awareness sessions,’ which are conducted by facilitators who have received specialized training. Videos, workbooks, and conversations are used to raise awareness during the sessions.

What is Virtus certification?

It is a three-hour course that helps clergy, workers, volunteers, and parents learn the realities and myths regarding child sexual abuse; how abusers operate; and how loving people can take five crucial measures to keep children safe. VIRTUS® Protecting God’s Children Adult Awareness Session

What is safe environment training?

Training in a Safe Environment The “grooming” of potential victims, boundaries, symptoms of sexual abuse, reporting, and other issues are discussed. Seminarians are required to adhere to all safety and environmental regulations. Psychological exams are administered as part of their development, and the results are examined by a board that comprises lay specialists.

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