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What Is The Posessive Form Of Diocese? (Solution)

What exactly is the meaning of the term Diocese?

  • English Language Learners’ Definition of diocese: the geographical territory under the administration of a bishop of a Christian denomination You may read the whole definition of diocese in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Is there a plural for diocese?

DIOCESE is pronounced DY-uh-sis (pronounced DY-uh-sis) (-y as in sky). The use of the plural form DIOCESES is a little more contentious. There are various possible pronunciations, including DY-uh-siss-iz (-y as in sky), DY-uh-seez (-y as in sky, -ee as in meet), and DY-uh-seez-iz (-y as in sky, -ee as in meet) (-y as in sky).

What is the correct possessive form?

Add the apostrophe and the letter s to the end of the noun to produce the possessive. If the word is plural or already ends in the letter s, just use an apostrophe after the s to complete the sentence.

Should diocese be capitalized?

1) When you use the following terms as part of an official name, make sure to capitalize them. Non-official terms are written in lowercase. The Diocese of Fairfax was closed on Friday, March 22. The diocese was closed for the day.

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What is the meaning of a bishopric?

Bishopric is defined as follows: 1: the diocese Bishopric is a title that means “office of bishop.” 3- The administrative structure of a Mormon ward that is composed of a bishop and two high priests who act as advisors to the bishop and high priests

What is the possessive form of students?

Student’s is the singular form of the possessive noun student, and it refers to something that is owned by a single individual student. Students’ is the possessive noun’s plural form, and it alludes to something that is owned by a group of students collectively.

How do you make students possessive?

Looking at the position of the apostrophe in a possessive form of an ordinary noun such as student, you can infer whether the possessive form refers to one student or many students. When you’re talking about a single student, use the apostrophe and the letter s: Science was the student’s favorite topic to study.

What is possessive example?

Possessive Verbs in a Sentence: Some Examples “Dog’s” is the possessive form of the word “dog.” Possessive pronouns such as “his” and “her” are used. The possessive pronouns “your” and “yours” are used.

What is the possessive of sheep?

Some plural nouns, such as “children,” “women,” and “sheep,” do not finish in the letter “s.” For example, “children’s books,” “women’s restroom,” and “sheep’s coat” all include an apostrophe and a “s” at the end of the word to make them possessive.

What is the possessive form of Buffalo?

Option B is incorrect because ‘buffalo’s’ is a single noun’buffalo’that has been placed in the possessive case by adding the suffix’s’.

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Are the sacraments capitalized?

The word sacrament is written in all lowercase. Only the Eucharist should be capitalized; all other sacraments, including baptism, confirmation, penance (or reconciliation), marriage, holy orders, and the sacrament of anointing of the sick, should be lowercased (formerly extreme unction).

Should Beatitudes be capitalized?

Any of the assertions of blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (typically with the first letter capitalized) might be translated as “ultimate blessedness; elevated bliss.”

What is the 7 sacraments of the Catholic Church?

A total of seven sacraments are observed: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and the Orders of the Holy Fathers.

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