Orange Zone Announcement

As you may have heard, our parish is in the are that is “orange” status. This means that we are allowed 33% of capacity or 25 persons maximum. Since, by limiting the number to 25, we have no easy way to decide who can come and who cannot and since we have been seeing close to 250 people in our four Masses; and since to accommodate that number would require 10 separate Masses to allow room for everyone, it seems the only logical decision is to suspend Masses once again. This situation is regrettable not only because of the inconvenience to all of us, but it is reprehensible because, as I warned in the talks on prophecies for our times, we are now seeing the erosion of our constitutional rights which correspond to our rights by Natural Law.
See below or in the email for the links to the Sunday Mass on Zoom. Prayers to all that you may be safe over the holiday. Thank you for all your support to Fr. Bob and me! God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving, Fr. Mickey

Cabrini Notes – 2020-11-25