Virtual Tour

Over the summer we were contacted through Facebook by a man who wanted to do a project regarding the interior of St. Michael’s Church. I made contact with Brandon Sartin and he described for me his plans.  He knew of the beauty of the church from a wedding he had photographed before and wanted to do create a 360° virtual tour.  I was happy to let him in and  go to work.  He finished the project in the first part of September, but I was still learning how to make changes to the website, so here it is now.  This is my first blog post.

Brandon did a great job stitching together the various photos he took. He has asked me to add some audio for people to meditate on the stations of the cross.  That is a project I would like to do, but haven’t had time yet.  It is my hope to be able to do that soon, in the meantime enjoy Brandon’s work.

As an added option to the audio he’s provided I have included here a link to Mary Beth Fuehrer  giving a tour of St. Michael’s.  Mary Beth passed on to her eternal reward this week, may she rest in peace, so the timing seems most appropriate.  In the upper right corner of the virtual tour you can click on the speaker icon to turn the music off and if you load Mary Beth’s audio in a second window or tab in your browser you can listen to the one and watch the other.

Thank you so much, Brandon Sartin of Nika Ink Photo and Graphics.

Peace in Christ, Fr. Mickey